Welcome to Reigate Rugby School

Summer Camp 2018

Dates to be announced soon!  Come back to check in the New Year.

Reigate Rugby School started in September 2003

following an enquiry from a teacher at a Redhill school about running an after-school club for Tag Rugby.

That first term 5 schools started to offer Tag Rugby as an after-school club

and by January 2004 that had grown to 7. Over the years we have run clubs in 12 different schools from Bletchingley across to Dorking at Years 3 – 6 and this year we have started to run the club for Year 2 children at 3 schools.

The aim of the Tag Rugby club is to introduce girls and boys to rugby

through the non-contact version of the game. They learn the basic running, catching and passing skills needed by all players through a series of drills and games as well as playing some of the other fun games like Rugby Rounders and Quidditch Rugby that work on teamwork and communication.

The two main successes of RRS have been

in getting many children to start playing rugby at their local club with some going on to win caps at County and District level and seeing so many children getting involved in sport at school at a time when fitness and health are so much in the news.

Since 2003 years we have coached over 40,000 children hours

as well as offering support to our schools in coaching teams that enter the local Tag tournaments arranged by Active Surrey and other local Club Schools Tournaments.

To get your child involved,

entertained and running around please click on the Booking Form link and send in your application.